Vinny is a dark brindle male puppy born on August 1, 2006, making him 3 months old at the time of this write up. One of 14 puppies born to sire, Dodgem by Design and dam, Rooftop Pinny, Vinny made his way to GALT a bit earlier than most Greyhounds because he was born with a 'bum' foot that prevented him from racing. The toes on his right rear paw did not properly form, and it is suspected that mama's umbilical cord was wrapped around Vinny's paw in the womb.


As shown in the picture, one toe curls towards the back of his foot but as is also shown in the other pictures, the lack of some toes doesn't hold this little boy back for one minute!

Vinny gallops around the yard like he owns it, never considering his foot to be a handicap of any sort. Fairly calm for a puppy, Vinny is now in a foster home where he is learning house manners and, somewhat indignantly, learning what a crate is all about. A puppy is guaranteed to bring smiles, but a puppy also comes guaranteed to require patience and lots of training. Young Vinny hasn't met any cats or small dogs, so it's not yet known if he will behave himself in their company as he gets older.

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