Vinnie, fka Rooftop Vinnie, is a 2.5 year old red male born on August 21, 2019. His sire is Kiowa Mon Manny and his dam is PRS Brindlebaby. Vinnie never raced and opted for a couch. He should not live with cats.

Friend, tired of being whacked by those long ropes called greyhound tails? Have a home with breakables stored at coffee table height, but still interested in adding a wonderful young greyhound to your pack? Meet VINNIE! A strikingly handsome tan boy with black points and amber eyes, his pictures do not do him justice. He broke his tail soon after he came to GALT and it was docked and is not a cute little nubbin. Doesn’t bother him at all.

Vinnie is a Velcro lover dog. He snuggles and gives little licks. He frequently comes up and just lays his head on a lap or leg. He does well on walks, knows some commands, sits and rides nicely in the car...and he's so, so handsome with his dark muzzle on his tan face.

Once we figured out how young Vinnie was, it all became clearer! He is enthusiastic to the point of pushy at times. If one dog got lovings, he ran over and pushed his way in between. He started out trying to counter surf here, and when he knocked off an empty bottle that crashed onto the floor and scared him; we didn’t see that behavior again.

He started out charging any food he saw, and has since slowed down a bit and now stares and creeps closer to get a lick. Watch your beer, wine or water glasses! He will "drink" out of them. He would eat his food and then wanted the other dogs’ food (typical teenage boy) – his housemate, a female grey, didn't like that behavior at all and she let him know it. He went to a vacation foster home for a week and they had no complaints about his manners with their dogs. His house manners have definitely improved since he arrived!

Vinnie was briefly an only dog and we're not sure he liked it. He was quiet and more clingy than usual. We have a large yard, though he doesn’t spend a lot of time out there by himself. When his housemate is here, he likes to go outside with her, then back in, then out, then “oh, the humans are inside” so back inside. He gets along fine with other dogs and still prefers his people!

He has a high prey drive and should not live with cats or small dogs. He's a bit vocal so apartment life wouldn't be suitable. Vinnie's ideal forever home could probably include another large hound for company and people he can love and adore.

Vinnie's Foster Parents

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