Vicky is a 2 year old white with brindle female born In October, 2019. Her heritage is not known at this time as she was not registered. Vicky should not live with cats.

Looking for an affectionate cuddle bug? Vicky is a velvet soft girl who loves nothing more than to snuggle up close and put her head in your lap. Unlike most dogs, she likes kisses on her nose and she kisses you right back, especially if you are generous with ear scritches!

Photos just don't do Vicky justice. If you think she's pretty in pictures just wait until you meet her in person. She's a gorgeous white-ticked girl with beautiful brindle patches. Her lovely golden eyes will melt your heart. She loves her walks and she has excellent leash manners. Meeting new people and basking in their admiration brings her much joy, which is great because you'll soon find out that she's a real head-turner when you have her out and about. Rides in the car are a special treat for Miss Vicky. She has perfect passenger manners too, jumping easily in and out of the car on her own, then settling down quickly for the ride.

Mealtime is a highlight of Vicky's day. She's a very good eater who cleans her dish every time. Vicky does very well with a routine schedule. If her meals or evening cookies are late, she'll remind you! She is housebroken though she's very subtle about signaling you that she has to go out so she's gotten used to going out about the same times every day.

Vicky bonds closely with her people and would not do well as an only dog. She'll do best with someone who is home a good bit of the time. This little girl likes cats a bit too much to live with them. She has has plenty of energy and loves playing with her toys. Someone's going to scoop Vicky up quickly!

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