Vibes, fka Barts Good Vibes, is a 2 year old brindle female born on September 1, 2018. Her sire is SH Avatar and her dam is Bartssheswaycool. She ran 17 races before opting for retirement. Vibes is cat tolerant.

Vibes has it all.... Looks, intelligence, potty training, playfulness, curiosity, and lots and lots of beds! Vibes loves to play follow the leader- wherever you go, she goes! She is also very playful and enjoys stuffies, balls, and SQUEAKY toys- OMGosh- the squeaky toys! In fact, she is allowed to roam the downstairs while we're gone and she loves to take them all outside in the yard. Once, she even carried a sofa pillow out there. LOL!

Vibes is very obedient and responds to her name and being told "no" or "leave it". This gal aims to please her pack. She is food motivated (not food aggressive) which helps in teaching her the rules of her forever family. Vibes is also cat safe. She and the cat will play a game of hide and seek or chase on occasion, but otherwise, he can cross her path and she just watches (couch potato much?).

We have neighbors with young children who know how to be around big dogs and she is very affectionate with them. Vibes could stand to work on her leash manners, and does excellent when out in public running errands. Vibes rings the bells on the door to ask to go out, and is also very willing to go outside when you suggest it.

Vibes is too vocal to be an apartment dog because she will roo when her tummy is empty and when she hears a neighbor dog. We are uncertain how she would do with small dogs. If you're looking for a Velcro dog who's eager to please, playful (as greyhounds go) and always willing to learn, than this is the gal for you.

Vibes' Foster Parents