Venus Venus

Venus, aka Jq's Venus, is a 2-year-old female who was turned in to the Oak Cliff shelter. Despite being a stray, parts of Venus' past can be uncovered because she is tattooed. Her birthday is March 28, 2003 and she is the offspring of sire, Jimbo Scotty, and dam, Tarcana. Venus' racing career consisted of 48 races, primarily run at Geneva Lakes in Wisconsin. In November of 2005, Venus ran her last race in Ebro, FL, and sometime after that, managed to get a ride to Texas. With her wandering days already a dim memory, this pretty little white-and-fawn girl is now looking for her forever home. Venus is cat trainable but has not been exposed to small dogs.

From the song Venus:

Goddess on the mountain top
Burning like a silver flame
The summit of beauty and love
And Venus was her name

How true for our little girl Venus. She is a beauty with her dark-lined eyes and is full of love to give.

When she first came into our home she seemed very comfortable and she made herself at home on a dog bed and readily went outside to do her business. She LOVES attention and will rub her face all over you to show you how much she loves you.

She has discovered squeaky toys. She was not sure what to make of them at first, but after overcoming her leeriness of them, she sat and played with one for about half an hour. It was just TOO cute. Now she is playing with them all the time, between naps.

Venus likes to go for walks and she walks well on a leash, staying right beside you. She likes treats and is a good eater. She is a smart little girl who understands what "‘No!" means. She likes her crate and will go in at different times just to rest. She has shown a little interest in our cats, especially when they are under a bed. She pokes her nose under to try to find them. I think they might be teasing her.

She will lay quietly on a dog bed or the floor in a room with you and she sleeps all night on a dog bed in my room. She will whine to let you know if she needs to go out at night (which is not very often). She fluffs her bed once in awhile to get comfortable. For such a little thing, she loves to sprawl out and make herself comfy, taking up the whole bed. She also likes to cockroach.

Venus is a joy and fun to have around. Her fur is all soft and fuzzy right now from being a stray and she is such a sweet little thing, you just want to pick her up and hug her and I don't think she would mind that at all. She will be an awesome addition to any home adding lots of love and affection.

Venus' Foster Family
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