Vamp, aka Atascocita Vamp, is a 2-year-old red fawn male born May 22, 2013. His sire is Flying Westover and his dam is Atascocita Susie. He has just 6 races on record, all in Florida in November and December 2014. Vamp will happily move on to a career as a pet!

Vamp is not considered cat tolerant at this time.

Vamp is a sweet boy who melts your heart at first sight. His dramatic eyes and eyebrows, fluffy tail, and silky soft fur quickly distinguish him from the pack. Because he loves attention and seems very tolerant, we think Vamp would be perfect for a family. Vamp has been on best behavior around small dogs, but we suggest muzzling him for first introductions. When he's not leaning on you for attention, Vamp enjoys chasing squirrels, roaching, and seeking out a toy's squeaker. He is a quiet boy and thus far has stayed off of furniture. We did catch him counter surf once or twice and he was initially very curious about the smells of our kitchen. Now that he is learning that those delicacies are not his domain, he seems less interested, but you should be careful since his nose is level with counter height. Speaking of noses, his hobby is waking you up by shoving his big nose onto you. When you pet his head, he pushes it further and further forward until eventually he rests the full weight of his head on your lap expecting more ear rubs. Vamp is a velcro dog and follows us from one side of the room to the other, but he respects our other dog's personal space. Vamp picked up our routine very quickly and would do the same for you if you welcomed his dramatic gaze into your heart and home!

Vamp's Foster Family

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