Valley, fka Caddo Valley, is a 1 1/2 year old red female born on May 25,2019. Her sire is Superior Panama and her dam is Colt Campeom. Valley came to GALT with her brother, Springer. Valley wanted to get to her home as soon as possible so skipped the track. At present, she is being evaluated medically. Valley should not live with cats.

Valley is very affectionate and quite demanding about getting affection in return. She's very insistent about attention! No computers, books or phones will stop her from licking your fingers or pressing her nose close to give you a longing stare. She loves to run and play with other hounds especially with toys. Valley is so enamored with toys that she carries her stuffies all over the house and into the yard. Don’t let that fool you though because she loves them to death with their stuffing and squeakers on the floor.

Valley will let us know when she needs to go out. She learned during our brief "Texas Winter" that a coat is a good thing after squeezing out the door without one. We used treats to train her to go in the kennel when we're away and does well in a crate for up to 6 hours.

Valley is still young and has a lot of puppy energy to burn off. She will do best in an environment that has a large yard where she can run and play, and plenty of toys (and a family that can fix those that get "loved" too much! Valley has a HIGH prey drive and should not live with cats or small dogs.

Valley's Foster Parents