Valentina, fka BC’s Blown Smoke, is a 3 1/2 year old white with red female and her birthday is October 12, 2016. Her sire is Djays Octane and her dam is Superior Carly; she is Melanie’s sister. Valentina ran 92 races according to Greyhound Data at various tracks across the country. Now, she is ready to be someone’s special girl. Valentina should not live with cats.

Valentina might be more aptly named Velvetina. Oh the softness of her coat. She is not only beautiful to see, but wonderful to touch as well. Valentina, known here as "Tina", is full of love and nuzzles and kisses. She loves attention and affection, and will give as well as accept.

Valentina truly believes that the house and all its contents are hers. She redecorates with toys and blankets and clothes and food wrappers. She is active and fun, enjoying zoomies with the other dogs, and walks with everyone. Her redecorating skills and prowess is immediately apparent and will have you giggling at her antics even as you trail after her placing items back where they belong. Valentina is not deterred, and will try again, much to your delight.

She enjoys walks with her pack and has good leash manners. She has ventured up several stairs, so she could climb the rest of the way if she had the appropriate incentive. Valentina is learning "wait", "leave it" and making good eye contact. She’s rewarded for lying down and waiting patiently for dinner. She’s figured out not to grab treats but to "wait" her turn. Her counter surfing stops if we tell her to "leave it.", though only if we hear or see her. When we're not in sight, she'll try to help herself to anything. She's a quick study and getting better all the time.

An active home with no small dogs or cats would be ideal for Valentina. She's still quite young and could benefit from another large dog for guidance. Looking for a loving, cuddly, entertaining companion? If so, this beauty may be the one for you!

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