Uno is an approximately 2 year old blue brindle male. GALT was contacted by a rescue group in New Mexico to take Uno and Bo into our program. The New Mexico rescue group obtained both boys from the SPCA in Abilene, TX earlier last year. Uno's DNA panel shows that he is a Greyhound, Keeshond, Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. It is not known at this time if Uno is small animal or cat tolerant.

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Uno is a BIG, happy puppy-ish greyhound mix who has never met a stranger and only wants to love and be loved.

Since he is so big, you may need to brace yourself for his exuberant hugs, because he only wants to share himself and his world with you.

Uno would also love for you to share all your possessions with him (slippers, shoes, glasses, back scratchers, paper), so if you don’t mind keeping your tabletops and kitchen counters clear and possessions out of reach, you will love him. He crates for his meals and is very happy to remain in his crate for a post-food nap.

He uses the dog door, sleeps through the night, and will bark to warn you that there is someone at the door.

He plays/unstuffs his stuffies with gusto, lives with and play-wrestles with a pit bull, and good around small dogs. Uno is generally a very good boy who needs a little time to grow out of his “what’s yours is mine and belongs in my mouth” stage. When he first came to GALT he was petrified of getting into cars, but now understands that car rides are THE BEST and jumps in all by himself. If you want a big, sturdy boy who gives all he’s got to show you how much he loves you, this is your boy!

Uno's Foster Family

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