Uno, aka TNJ Uno, is a 4 1/2-year-old red brindle male born June 12, 2011. His sire is Gable Sour Cream and his dam is TNJ Snow Cone. Uno has 158 races on record at Gulf from 2013 to 2015. He comes to us with the closing of Gulf Greyhound Park. Uno is going to be number one as a pet!

Uno is not considered cat tolerant at this time.




Uno is a very big, very sweet boy. His large profile and bold brindle stripes hide a reserved and sometimes shy demeanor. When we first started fostering Uno, he dashed and darted away and wasn't sure what to make of all the attention. Every day we've seen him open up more and more. After only a week, he enthusiastically wags his tail and starts to do play-bows when we come home and when it's time for walkies. Uno quickly comes to full attention when he spots small, furry critters. We suspect he would be a competitive lure courser, but this also means he should not be around small dogs or cats (or squirrels!). Thus far, Uno has stayed off counters and our furniture; however, he is quite curious about human food smells. Perhaps because he's never been in a home, Uno's not sure what to do with chew bones and toys just yet, though every now and then he carries them from one room to the next. We haven't heard him make noise except when dreaming or his occasional squeaky yawns. He loves walks, but if you're into jogging with your dogs you'll have to work him up to it. Despite having almost 160 races under his belt, he tires quickly. To ease into your home routine, he'll appreciate having a (big) kennel and a blanket to call his own. Maybe he'll fit right in to your house as your big, sleepy friend!

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