Unit is a 1 1/2 year old red male born on February 13, 2020. His sire is Flying Wolf Pack and his dam is Kiowa Ultra. GALT’s Urban is his brother. Unit never raced but headed straight to retirement. He will be tested with cats and oth-er small animals soon.

Unit is a playful, loving pup. He gets very excited for walks and when we get home. He likes to be where the people are and will typically follow you around unless he’s in a deep sleep. He’ll even slip between your legs while you’re standing if you’re tall enough!

He’s very loving and cuddly. He loves toys, a little too much, and will need to be monitored if other dogs have toys around him. He’s more of a people dog, though he does get along with our dogs and will be fine in a house with other dogs or as a solo. He seems to be fine around small dogs.

Unit is food motivated and gets in his crate very easily when we throw a treat in there. He’s slightly vocal but not overly so. Mostly when he sees a dog walk by our house and when we first get home. His prey drive is pretty average. He notices squirrels and possums, and doesn’t aggressively go after them. He does walk really well on the leash. He jumps straight up and down when we grab the leash to walk him. It’s very cute.

Unit has a lot of love to give and will make someone very happy!

Unit's Foster Parents

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