Tyrell Tyrell

Tyrell, aka Killer Tyrell, is a 4.5 year old brindle male born April 8, 2014. His sire is SH Avatar and his dam is Killer Tiger. Tyrell has 175 races on record from 2015 to 2018 in West Virginia, Florida, Iowa and Arkansas. Tyrell should not live with cats or small dogs.

Meet super handsome Killer Tyrell, who goes by Tyrell or just “Ty”! He is a very sweet, recently retired racer who is eagerly awaiting someone to give him a forever home. Ty is a real “tag along” dog and will always stand up to follow his human into the next room. He loves leaning in for a good scritch, especially on the side of his neck under his collar. He also LOVES getting treats and has always been very gentle in receiving them.

Outside, Tyrell is beginning to enjoy the freedom of having a backyard to play in (he even knows to stay out of the swimming pool!), and he does great with other large dogs. He loves playing with different toys and chewing on antlers, and he shares his toys and antlers well with the other dogs.

Ty is crate trained but sleeps outside of his crate at night. He loves sprawling out on a big comfy dog bed! Although he is still adjusting to home-life and can be a little “nose-y” sometimes, he has not been destructive with his “finds”…he usually just grabs them to take to another room. He will drop what he is holding with a firm “NO” and overtime will learn which items belong to him. He has not yet mastered navigating the stair cases on his own, but has recently began attempting to go up the bottom few stairs.

He is not a fan of small dogs, and will bark at them through the fence when they walk by. Based on this behavior, it’s best if Tyrell does not live with small dogs or cats. A home with plenty of toys to play with and a backyard would be ideal.

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