Tyler is an approximately 3 year old fawn male who was found as a stray in Arlington. Tyler should not live with cats or small dogs but definitely loves his people.

Tyler is the biggest snuggle bug! If he could answer your question “what do you want to do when you grow up?” his answer would be plain and simple – Snuggle! He’s a bit reserved in new surroundings and is not a kind of hound that will run towards strangers with his tail wagging, but nevertheless he loves to be petted and warms up quickly when he sees there’s no danger. He’s more reserved towards men and little kids that are very loud and jumping around, so a family with older kids would be ideal. If you let him come to you and give him a chance to get to know you on his terms, you’ll have the most loving hound in your house soon. Once he establishes the trust and you sit down to relax after a long day, he’ll jump right next to you and lay his head on your lap and take a deep breath like saying I feel good and safe here.

Because he wants to always lie next to you, it’s almost impossible to keep him off the couch, but on the positive note he’ll curl up into quite a small bundle and won’t take the whole couch. He also loves to cuddle with our female pit-mix and more than once I’ve found them curled up side by side in a small doggy bed! So, he would need a doggy friend in the house to keep him company and preferably at least medium size as he can get rough when he starts playing. No kitties, please. Just like with people, Tyler seems to prefer females over males in his four-legged family. He gets along with other males just fine, but it takes a moment for him to establish his ranking and after that he’s respectful towards them.

Tyler loves to go for walks! He walks quite nicely on the leash though he often barks/whines when he sees other dogs and might make a jump at them; we’re working on not being so reactive. He loves running on the backyard and will do it on his own if no one joins him. He’s fully housebroken and likes to sleep in his crate with the door left open. I can leave him roaming free when I go to work and come back to a home that is exactly the way I left it plus a happy Tyler meeting me at the door. On days when he’s home with the rest of the pack for longer periods of time, he has taken some of my clothing and carried it from the bathroom to the living room - though he has never chewed anything.

He’s quite a smart boy and knows “sit”!! Also “wait” is something he’s learning. He travels well and lies down before the car even moves. He really is a sweet affectionate boy that needs a loving family that allows him to love them back and another dog or two to play with!

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