Turbo, is a one year old, white with brindle female. Her sire is Barcelona Boss and her dam is Turbo Toes. Turbo is ready to race into your hearts. She is looking for a soft bed and a loving owner to help her to grow into a treasured member of your family. She is undergoing medical evaluation at this time. Turbo is currently cat tolerant.

There are a number of websites, including, that allow you to trace the pedigree and racing history of registered greyhounds by looking up their racing name or their sire and dam.

Turbo is a fun-loving, on the go young lady is a great companion. She's not a velcro dog, but she does love to have your attention. She's first in line to greet you at the door. She loves scritches on her neck, lots of toys to play with, and unlike other dogs, she loves being outside in the rain. She's kind of silly and most often lays only half way on her bed. I recommend she be exercised once a day in play or walks seen as how she is still young to get some energy out. In new surroundings, she can be a bit reluctant, but warms up to humans and her surroundings within a day or two. Turbo is excellent with other greys and large dogs and is cat safe. We are working with her on some commands and would recommend doggie school so she acclimates to your family's life style.

Turbo's Foster Parents

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