Tuffy Tuffy

Tuffy, aka RZ Tuffy, is a handsome, 2½-year-old black male born September 19, 2007. His sire is Trent Lee, and his dam is RZ Sally Lee, making his grand sire the late famous Gable Dodge. Tuffy is full sibling to Lovely and Pete. Tuffy has a stunning white blaze from his chin to his chest, as well as a white stripe on his nose! There are no races to his credit on, however he did compete at the Birmingham, AL track. He is ready to find his forever home! Tuffy is not cat tolerant. He will be tested with small animals at a later time.

Tuffy has adjusted well to being an "only dog" - he seems to enjoy having all the attention! Tuffy loves to go on daily walks and literally bounces with excitement when he sees his leash come out. He walks very nicely on his leash, but gets distracted and pulls occasionally because there is so much to look at. He responds very well to "leave it" when we come upon something interesting.


Tuffy has very good house manners. He has never had an accident indoors and doesn't counter-surf, though he certainly seems interested in what's up there. Tuffy knows how to "wait" when you open the front door or put out his food. He needs help getting into the car, but he will get out on his own especially when bribed with a treat.

This big guy loves to eat - he's never met a treat he didn't like! Tuffy is a breeze when it comes to grooming. He loves to have his fur brushed and nails dremeled, and even enjoys having his teeth cleaned.

Tuffy is definitely not cat tolerant, and is very interested in squirrels and rabbits he sees on walks. He doesn't act interested in the ducks at our neighborhood pond. Tuffy is friendly towards other dogs and wags his tail happily when greeting them. We supervise him around smaller dogs as he doesn't seem to understand that he is bigger and stronger than them. We haven't had him around very small dogs (under 15 pounds).

Tuffy loves to zoom around in circles in the backyard and play greyhound fetch - the sort of fetch where they run back toward you with the ball and drop it near you. He isn't interested in the squeaky toys, but LOVES his Kong, which he usually gets along with a treat when it is time to go in his crate. He will even go into his crate even when it's not time and look at me as if saying, "aren't you going to give me a treat for this?"

Tuffy is quite gentle with our 2½-year-old nephew who likes to give him hugs and kisses. If the energy level gets too high, Tuffy will just walk away.

Tuffy's Foster Parents
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