Truman, fka Craigie Voodoo, is a 6 1/2 year old brindle male born on June 14, 2014. His sire is KC and All and his dam is Toni Wonks. Truman headed straight to retirement and never raced. Truman is cat friendly.

Truman is currently being treated for suspected DLE, Discoid Lupus Erythematosus on his nose area.

Let’s get right to your burning questions. It’s OK that you have questions, because I had the same ones when Truman came to my house as a foster hound. I had never had a tripod and quickly learned the basics any adopter would need to know: He’s adapted to having three legs and he can do almost anything a greyhound with four legs can do. Truman lost his left front leg in a training accident when he was only about a year old. Amputation was the solution. His young age no doubt helped him achieve mastery over this setback.

He is athletic. He runs in the yard with my pack, but does a couple of things differently, such as avoiding tight turns. He’s friendly. He’s affectionate. He leans in for love. He enjoys walks. He bounces on his one front leg as his meal is being served just like the rest of the pack does on two. He can negotiate small obstacles easily. He play-bows and stretches with his one leg supporting him in front. We’re even working on teaching him the doggy door. Currently, he can come in with the flaps being held open for him. In short, he can do almost anything. He doesn’t want pity. He wants what all greyhounds want, to get lots of love and a couch of course.

Truman is a large male who is about six years old. He is a lovely, subtle brindle in shades of grey and ebony. He has a white mask on his face and a snowy white blaze on his big chest. He has bunny soft fur that is glossy and healthy. He has big feet with white toes. He has large, deep brown eyes that radiate love.

He spent some time in a crowded situation before he came to GALT, so possibly because of that, he appreciates the idea of a big personal space. He can be verbal when the rest of my pack invades his space or gets too close to his food and toys. He likes a bed where he can see the room and survey his domain.

He treats my smooth coated chihuahua mix with courtesy. He allows my goofy young female to rest her head on his rump after she shows him she is not impressed with his “don’t touch my butt!” warning. He gets along equally well with males and females and currently lives with four other dogs. He is also cat safe.

Truman is seeking a single level home and at least one other big dog to play with. He enjoys having a big yard, so if there is some space for him to run, he’ll be happy. No stairs, please. He might enjoy a pool and water therapy but has not been exposed to one.

Truman's Foster Parents