Troy is a a black and white male greyhound/saluki mix picked up as a stray in Fort Worth. He is estimated to be 2 years old. Troy is living in a foster home with other greyhounds. Troy is not small animal nor cat tolerant. He is going to be so very excited to have his own forever home!

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Troy is the happiest dog and has so much love to give. When he walks, he prances. When he runs, he bounds through the air. Speaking of walks, he loves going on them and he has never met a stranger – old or young. He loves everyone and will greet them with his endlessly wagging tail. He does, however, have a special soft spot for children.

Troy also has patience in spades. He is patient with children, and with us if we take too long doing something (getting ready for a walk, going to a different room, getting meals ready, etc). He will sphinx and wait calmly.

He has no space issues and is a natural sitter. He will go outside and sit in the yard and just observe his surroundings. Of course, he will also play in the yard with a ball or toy. He pounces on it and throws it to himself. He also is a fan of sunbathing. Oftentimes, the sunbathing turns to him doing crop circles (see video).

Troy has perfect house manners - no accidents, no counter surfing, no chewing inappropriately. He is very easy to work with. He gets his teeth brushed every night, we Dremel his nails, and he gets regular baths. He is a champ at all of these things. He also has THE softest coat. It feels like bunny fur.

He loves to be with people. He would love to be up on the couch or bed snuggling with us, but that isn’t allowed as a foster. So we put a bed right next to the couch and he is happy laying there.

An ideal home for Troy would be one with no cats or small dogs, a yard to play in, a greyhound companion and an active family with plenty of people to love.

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