Trish is an estimated 2 year old fawn female. Trish had a bit of a rocky start and came to GALT via Cindy's Hope for Precious Paws after being removed from a hoarding situation. She has shown promise for living with cats but should not live with small dogs.

Wherever you are, Trish will want to be near – on the couch or on the bed. She loves to cuddle with her people, and doesn’t mind other dogs sleeping near her. At meet and greets, she’s known to lay down and encourage petting. She’ll even roach! Although she’s fine with body hugs, Trish shies from kisses on the forehead. Laying down, she’ll sometimes rest her head on your shoulder, across your neck, or nuzzle under your arm, though. A sweet Velcro girl!

Trish is quite agile! She can jump into cars and gracefully leap over baby gates; this girl will do best in a home with 6 ft fence or higher. Because of her previous life, Trish is not fond of confined spaces and does not like to be crated, except when eating. She does have good house manners and can be trusted to roam free in the house when her people are away; just be sure to keep tempting items and food off the counter and tables. Closing doors to rooms is the best form of prevention.

She’s very playful, and likes to encourage the other hound of the house to play, or entertains herself tossing toys. Such enthusiastic play bows and zoomies! She likes to chew on Boda Bones and other appropriate chew items. Trish is currently living with three cats of varying personalities. She participates in a playful back-and-forth chase with the cat that likes it, when the cat encourages it, and is respectful of the two who don’t care to play. She doesn’t have anywhere near the same respect for small dogs.

Trish’s ideal home with have other large dogs and cats, plenty of toys, a yard with a tall fence and people to cherish.

Trish's Foster Parents

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