Tricky, aka Gable Tricky, is a beautiful 2-year-old female, born April 1, 2001. Her sire is Gable Hoss and her dam is Gable Express, and her grand sire is Wigwam Wag. Tricky raced at the Corpus Christi track from December 2002 to July 2003. She was found as a stray in the Duncanville area. Tricky is extremely people oriented and VERY friendly - she just wants to be with you! She gets along very well with other dogs, including small dogs; it has not been determined if she is cat tolerant.

Let me introduce Tricky:

Well, if you want a real cuddle bug, this is your girl. Her favorite thing in the world, more than playing, walking, riding in the car, eating (well... maybe not eating... that probably ranks about the same...) is to be held and loved. She will snuggle up against you, close her beautiful amber eyes, and just stand or lay there until you are done. When curled up in bed, all you have to do is walk up close to her, and the big tail starts wagging, happily anticipating a hug or some cuddles. A sweet, sweet girl. Her fur is so soft, just like silk, which makes you want to love on her even more. Yes, I am in love, again....

Her name is Tricky and that is probably for a reason, she is very curious, always checking things out, whether we are in the house or outside. Everything gets a sniff: plants, cabinets, candles, trees, empty soda cans, everything... Although a sighthound, she must have some "scent hound" in her too, because she sniffs as much as her foster siblings, the Basset Hounds. But when asked to pick up the pace, she is right there by your side and ready to trot. She LOVES people. When somebody passes, her whole body trembles with excitement. Each time we tell her that "those people weren't out walking just to say hello to you", she looks back at them with great disappointment, like "but why didn't they say hello to me?"

Tricky has the most muscular thighs of any greyhound I have seen! People stop in their tracks and just stare at those legs of hers. She outruns my old Tony (well, he is 9 and she is 2, so there is an age difference there...) in a heartbeat. When she catches up with him, she is nice, and she lets him keep his toy and his dignity. She doesn't have any possessiveness in her, and she happily shares toys and beds with anybody in the family, two or four legged. She likes squeaky things and tennis balls... Specifically to carry them around. She doesn't mind her crate, but she prefers the big soft beds that are not in the crate. The doggie door was no feat for Tricky, and she has had no accidents in the house since she came.

I'll come home at lunch and frequently find Tricky in the back yard, laying on the grass, sunning herself. She is a hoot to watch as she like to lay with her legs straight up in the air, just like many other greys. She is a quiet dog, and I have only heard her bark once. Which is amazing since I have a house full of vocals...

Considering our house is her first home (after the track that is), I am amazed how well she is doing and how fast she has adjusted, just amazed. She follows me around the house, wherever I go, I have the black shadow of little Tricky Dee...

Tricky likes to be around other people and dogs, she is very social. Her current K-9 companions vary in size from 15 to 75 pounds, so she is definitely small animal safe. Haven't seen her around cats yet.

She will make a fantastic companion, and I only wish I had the room to keep her, because I'd snap her up right away. Tricky is as sweet as they come and if you are the family who decides that Tricky is the one - well, you have something great to look forward to! It will be a big loss for us, and a tremendous gain for you.

Tricky's Foster Mom