Trey is a 3 year old red male born in October 2015. He was part of the population from the blood bank facility located in Cherokee, TX. Trey came to GALT with a previous leg injury and has since had his left leg amputated. That does not slow this boy down one bit! He runs like the wind and is ready to find his forever home. Trey is cat tolerant and small animal tolerant at this time. Please check back for updates in his progress.

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Whatever you may think, DO NOT feel sorry that Trey has 3 legs. He is the HAPPIEST, hoppiest tri-pawed boy! His front left leg was broken when he was a puppy and never set so it became a painful hindrance as he grew up. Trey learned to function on 3 legs long before he lost the bad one. His post-op recovery was so easy, all he had to do was figure out a new cadence - bunny hop, step-step-hop or something entirely new. Trey was up and acting like any other 2-year old greyhound within days of surgery, the problem was keeping him quiet for a few weeks.

Trey is joyful, focused and ridiculously cute. He has super thick bunny fur that will take a while to fill in on his left side. This little guy has THE best full body shake of any dog I’ve seen! Those 3 legs of his just dance as he gives himself a good wiggle.

Trey is very good about using his voice to let you know what he needs. He gives a little ""woof"" when he needs to go out (no accidents for him) and you will also get a ""woof"" if the water dish is empty or dinner is late! Be careful, he has a soft spot for soft things so it's important to keep throw pillows out of reach and absolutely no stuffies. Trey doesn't understand that toys are for play and not consumption. He does tend to resource guard a prized toy and can be distracted with a high value treat. For this reason Trey should not live with young children. It's also best to feed Trey separated from other dogs; he was trained to eat in his crate and runs excitedly to his place at meal time.

Whenever you go, Trey will follow. No matter whether you go into a room to put something away or sit down to watch TV, if there's a place to lay down he will! He gets comfortable in no time so you feel bad leaving the room because he gets right up and hoppily joins you. Trey has learned to trust his back legs more and is starting to jump on his people, put his paw on the furniture and even try to jump into the car.

This boy cannot hop a straight line so be prepared for Trey to circle in anticipation of your move...and he's fast! Trey enjoys the company of other dogs, especially to run around in the backyard. With some bigger active boys he can be quite playful, he loves to chase a ball and just have a greyt time.

Trey will do best with an active family, maybe with teenaged kids, a big yard and at least another greyhound to hang with. We recommend that Trey not live in a home with stairs as that may be stressful on his shoulder over time. He enjoys going for short walks, but does not enjoy walking long distances. Running in the backyard is easier for him.

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