Torti, aka Extortionist, is a 5-year-old black male with white tips on his toes and tail. He was born July 29, 2008 to sire Flying Penske and dam Iron Butterfly. Torti has 97 races on record at He started his career at VictoryLand, AL on October 2, 2010, moved to Orange Park, FL, and then finished up in Mobile, AL on June 7, 2013. Torti would do best in a home with another dog.

Torti has passed an initial cat test and is living with cats in a foster home.

Torti is a very special boy who deserves a very special home. He is a little different than most greyhounds in that he is always very calm. He loves hugs, brushing, and neck rubs (ok, full body rubs). He walks right next to you on a leash and has impeccable house manners. I've never heard him bark but he loves to join in when a roo-fest is happening. He has never tried to get on the furniture or even thought about tearing something up.

I have been told he needs a home where he has other canine companionship. He is living peacefully with our two hounds and two cats. He follows the lead of our "alpha" girl hound and steers clear of the cats. If one of the cats is standing in his planned path he will patiently stand where he is and wait for the cat to move. He really wants nothing to do with them; not even sniff them. He likes the crate we have in the bedroom but we never close the door. He has the run of the house day and night, even when we are at work during the day.

Torti's Foster Parents

3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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