Torrey, aka WW’s Torch, is a 7 year old red fawn female born October 8, 2011. Her sire is Jimbo Scotty, and her dam is WW's Wild Fire. Torrey racked up 160 races in her career, starting April 2, 2013, and moving to Southland on October 2, 2013, where she finally finshed her last race on October 12, 2015. She is one champion of a girl! In November 2016, she whelped 3 registered pups on Greyhound Data. Torrey was determined not to be cat or small animal tolerant prior to joining the GALT family.

Torrey has the biggest brown eyes and light fawn fur that is soft as a bunny's. She is a true beauty with a matching personality. She is just a bit shy but eager to be your friend and please you. Torrey gets along well with the 2 other greys in the house. She loves toys and is quite the collector.

She loves to be outside and would prefer to spend most of her day in the yard. She has no storm phobia and willingly goes out to potty in the rain! No counter surfing for this girl either; it's hard to believe that this is Torrey's first time in a home.She just seems to do everything right or maybe it's those big brown eyes of hers!

Retired broods are the sweetest, most well adjusted, loving dogs ever. This is Torrey - simply a perfect girl!!

Torrey's Foster Parents

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