Tomahawk, aka Chase Tomahawk, is a handsome, 18-month-old brindle male, born June 8, 2006. His sire is Jawa Leona's Best, making his grand sire the late Gable Dodge, and his dam is ML Foxy Move. Tomahawk was just registered with the NGA in October, and a mere 4 weeks later broke his left front leg while schooling. It has healed now and will not impede Tomahawk’s life as a companion pet in his forever home!

Tomahawk was a bit curious about the cats during his cat test, but quickly moved on to other things once Molly hissed at him. The whole time he was sniffing her, his tail was wagging furiously. I am sure he just wanted to play. Tomahawk is a very sweet boy with good house manners. Tomahawk is considered cat and small dog trainable, but he may do best in a home without small children. He's a little protective of his space when he is on his bed and with food and treats.


Tomahawk is a very handsome almost 2 year old with the most awesome expressive eyes. They look directly at you and seem to speak volumes. We affectionately call him Tommy-Hawk. He is always very happy and excited when we come home. He expresses his excitement by rooing a greeting. This is about the only time he roos unless he is in his kennel or another room away from you, then he will whine or roo to tell you he wants to be by you.

Tomahawk is very food motivated. He has learned to wait his turn when putting the food bowls down (he is fifth in line). He stands by his bowl wagging his tail and looking at you as if to say, "Hurry, hurry – I am so hungry!!" He has learned to NOT counter-surf unless no one is around and there is a nice pan of hamburger or roast left sitting right there on the counter in plain sight - sniff and grab!! He hates the squirt bottle, so it is a very good tool to use when correcting him. He is a very smart boy who learns things very quickly, including things he can get away with.

Tomahawk absolutely LOVES toys and he has me trained to pick up all the toys and put them back in the toy box after he empties them out all over the living room and my bedroom. It is a constant game, which he loves. He also has learned to play fetch. If you throw a toy down the hall he will run and get it and bring it back to you and wait for you to throw it again. He can do this for several minutes and then it is nap time.

Tomahawk sleeps well on a dog bed in the bedroom at night. When you are home he enjoys being in the same room or close by. He loves to be hugged and get his neck scratched as long as he is standing up. Tomahawk feels that his dog bed is HIS dog bed and when he is on it (any bed) he does not like to be bothered. If you sit down by him or are on the floor and lean over him petting him, he will probably express his displeasure with a growl or snap.

He has had a couple of accidents since coming to our house but these have been when we first got home and he is so excited to see you - he goes outside but does not do his business because he wants to come back in right away to be by you, if you let him out again after he has settled down he then does his business outside. For the most part is a perfect house guest. Tomahawk will let you know he needs to go outside by standing by the back door or touching the back door knob with his nose. If you don't see him, he will whine a bit. He does not mind going into his crate when you leave the house. He will go in, lie down, and patiently wait for a treat.

Tomahawk walks very well on a leash. He may wander from side-to-side sniffing things once in awhile or looking for something he can eat. You have to watch him so that he does not eat garbage he finds laying in the road or on the sidewalk, he can have it down in a jiffy. He would probably be okay as a single dog or pet, although he does like playing with the others now and then. He is good with the cats and usually ignores them or tries to get them to play. He will probably do best in a home without small children given his space issues with his bed.

Tomahawk is a fun boy with lots of personality and there is never a dull moment with him around. He makes us laugh at his antics. If you are looking for a confident, happy, fun-loving greyhound to be your sidekick, Tommy-Hawk may be just the dog for you!! He is an awesome boy!!

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