Tito is a 6 year old male greyhound mix and came to GALT from a shelter in Edinburg, TX. Tito is currently undergoing medical evaluation. Tito is cat tolerant at this time.

Dear Forever Family:

I know, I know, I don't look like a greyhound from most angles, but honest, I am half greyhound. The other part of me is all happy, bouncy, appreciative, toy loving Australian cattle dog. The only thing I herd is toys. Have I mentioned how much I love collecting toys? I'm very gentle with them. I just rather think I decorate better with them than my foster family.

Despite years of abuse, including being kenneled in a way too small area so that my legs are short and bowed, I am potentially the happiest boy you'll ever meet. I love to snuggle. I'd probably love to just sit in your lap so we can snuggle and cuddle. I love to have my ears rubbed and make that delightful greyhound moan of contentment when you rub my ears (even the one missing a large chunk).

I like being by myself or playing with my foster sister and even get along with indoor kitties. While they’re fun, I’m still way more fond of toys…and people!

Frankly, I just love to be where you are, on walks or car rides or just lying on a soft bed close by. I'm incredibly gentle like a greyhound, though I do have more energy than most greyhounds. I promise to keep you giggling at my antics and to be the most appreciative hound you've ever met.

Love and snuggles, Tito.

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