Tipton Tipton

Tipton, aka RLM's Tipton, is a 3-year-old, light fawn male born on July 22, 2003. His sire, San Tan Savage, has produced over 1,000 offspring and Tipton's dam, RLM's Expresso, was a Grade AA racer. Tipton started off his own racing career in Florida, competing at the Hollywood and Daytona Beach tracks before he moved to Tucson and graduated to Grade A. Finishing up after 42 races, Tipton is now looking for a place to hang his hat and settle into retirement. He appears to be cat tolerant.


Tipton is such a wonderful sweet dog who has won over everyone in our house! His beautiful brown eyes can melt your heart in a second. He is such a happy boy who is always wagging his tail - but look out, it can hurt!

Tipton has three new friends, a Greyhound, a Chihuahua and a Min Pin. He plays well with everyone and has learned a lot from all of them. He loves that they taught him the doggie door; he is in and out all the time. Our backyard is full of toys from him bringing them outside to play with them in the sun!

Tipton LOVES treats, bones, soft beds, walks, kisses, and cuddling. If you lay on the floor he will come cuddle with you and take a nap. The boy loves his attention! Tipton enjoys playing with bones and will chew on them all night long. We take Tipton on walks with our greyhound and he does excellent. He is there for the walk; he does not sniff around and does not mark.

Currently Tipton spends his days in the crate while we are at work and will gladly go in for a treat. After work we play in the backyard or go for a walk. Tipton sleeps on a pillow next to our bed and does not move much during the night.

Tipton has great house manners but every once in awhile he likes to explore some new goodies in the garbage. A firm NO works, but be careful, he will give you the "I am sorry" look. It will get you every time! Tipton is a quiet dog but is also a very good guard dog. The other night he let me know when there was someone walking around the outside of the house in the middle of the night.

When you first meet Tipton he will use his shy charm. After that he will get you with those eyes. He is simply irresistible!

Tipton's Foster Mom
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