Tim Tim

Tim, aka Nancy's Tim, is a 2-year-old red male, born on February 27, 2004 to sire, My Rooster, and dam, Oh Nancy. Tim's racing life was short-lived, ending after 14 races at Valley Park in Harlingen. Tim may not have been a winner on the track, but this sweet boy is certain to score a special place in the hearts of his lucky family. Tim is living in a foster home with other Greyhounds and cats and is learning kitty etiquette. He has not been around small dogs, so we do not know his reaction to them yet.


Tim is a beautiful red boy who is loving life off the track. He is learning his house manners and only has an occasional counter-surfing episode when there is something really good up there. He is a good eater and is putting on weight well. He could still use a few more pounds, but is looking great.

After a couple of initial hurdles, he has figured out that he is supposed to potty outside. Tim usually has to go out very early in the morning, but will let me know by whimpering. He is crated during the day and doesn't seem to mind it. He sleeps in his other crate in the bedroom during the night. After he goes out for his early morning break, he sleeps on a bed on the floor. I baby gate the door so he doesn't wander around the house, but he doesn't bother it.


Tim loves everyone that he meets and will go right up to get petted. He hasn't been around cats, but he is very interested in the squirrels running around the fence in the neighbor's yard. He loves toys off all sorts and also likes to play with his foster brothers. Tim is content to hang back and let the others dogs be in charge. He will let me take a chew bone out of his mouth and doesn't show any sign of food aggression with the other dogs.

With just a little bit of obedience training, Tim is going to make someone a wonderful best friend. He's eager to please and just wants to be loved.

Tim's Foster Family
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