Thunder Thunder

Thunder is an approximately 8-9 year old black male. He was a stray found in the Paris, TX area and taken to the local animal shelter. GALT responded to this post on Craigslist: "We call him THUNDER! Shelter rescue, probably a racer. This guy is calm, smart, and wonderful on leash. He has been in a kennel and is ready to be rescued. He is HEARTWORM positive and needs treatment. Looking for a greyhound rescue or someone to give this guy a break. He is wonderful and his eyes are beautiful and really tell a story. He is very regal and probably ready to find his own family."

Now Thunder is free of heartworms, and this healthy, happy boy is ready to roll into your life!

It is not known at this time if Thunder is small animal or cat tolerant.


Think George Clooney. Distinguished, easy-going, playful. Thunder is the George Clooney of greyhounds. His graying muzzle and back belie how young he acts. Thunder loves to play with humans as well as other dogs. But when his human takes him for a walk, he becomes a perfect gentleman. He is very affectionate and loves a good ear rub or two or three. He is comfortable in his crate and even on non-work days, can be found relaxing in it. He also likes to play practical jokes on the other dogs in the house. He will drag the bedding from their crates into another room but of course leaves his intact. That Thunder! Looking for a boy with a big personality? He's had 8 years to develop his. Remember - age is only a number.

Thunder's Foster Mom
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