Thunder is an almost 5-year-old striking red-and-white large male, born January 17, 2000. He comes to GALT due to family illness, where he had lived for many years. He is extremely smart, perceptive and a very friendly boy. Thunder enjoys the company of humans, as well as fellow canines. He is very affectionate and could be called a "cuddle-boy." Thunder appears to be cat and small animal trainable.

Thunder is very comfortable with new and different experiences (i.e. escalators, elevators, riding in vehicles). He's a good swimmer and he behaves well around groups of people - including children. He is very engaging with strangers, but will generally only accept treats and food from people he knows. Thunder will "pose" when cameras are present. Thunder does genuinely enjoy the company of the grey in his foster home and they play a lot.

Thunder's Foster Dad
3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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