Theodore is an approximately 2 1/2 year old red fawn male found as a stray by Ft. Worth Animal Care and Control in February 2020. Upon his arrival, Theodore tested positive to heartworms . Finally, seven months later, he has successfully been treated and is now heartworm negative! This funny and sweet boy is ready to find his forever family!

It is not known at this time if Theodore is cat tolerant, but he is okay with small dogs.

If you’re looking for love, you found it! Theodore is one of the sweetest, affectionate and most handsome pups around. He will melt you with his beautiful doe eyes - though it will be his sweet, docile and easy going personality that wins your heart.

Theodore has lived in Legacy West, where he is used to construction noises, elevators, patios and people (and non-stop compliments on his walks). He has been living the “city life,” being the perfect apartment dog as he is not a barker, loves to lounge and crates very well. He loves to run in a backyard but also very cute to see him meeting new friends. He is very sweet with younger kids to older, they think he’s a deer and it’s good to see he is gentle around little ones. He’s had visitors at home and he’s been a visitor at other homes, which he does very well with new people or environments! He’s a very good traveler and wonderful companion that adjusts quickly for any age, size of home or lifestyle.

Theodore is good as an only dog though he also loves to play with other dogs. He is very friendly and a little bit shy. On walks as other small dogs bark at him, he keeps on walking and never once has he barked back or retaliated. He has a neighbor dog that barks at every single dog he sees, and as soon as he sees Theodore, the little guy calms down and doesn't bark at Theodore - we joke to say Theodore became his therapy dog! He is perfect on a leash and loves his walks. He can’t go long without someone stopping to ask if he’s a greyhound, followed by many compliments of what a beautiful and good dog he is! He quickly wins over anyone who pets him, and he just can’t get enough of being petted. He will also follow you around wherever you go, to be near you. His love language is definitely quality time and affection!

Theodore is a wonderful, very low maintenance boy - all he needs in return is to be loved and be your best friend. Once he has been given a short time to adjust to life as your beloved family member, he will want to be by your side as much as he possibly can be. It’s love at first site with this sweet guy, he is definitely a gem.

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