Texas, fka FF Texas Mafia, is a 2 year old white and fawn male born on August 23, 2018. His sire is Kinda Cruel Red and his dam is HS Fargo. Texas has 21 races on Greyhound Data and came to GALT as part of a cruelty seizure. He should not live with cats nor small dogs.

Texas (or Tex as we call him) is a big, friendly guy capable of giving Texas sized hugs! He loves chasing a tennis ball in the yard and shaking his stuffed animals to make his own fun when we’re not playing with him. He rides well in a car and he walks well on a leash. When a smell is too good to pass up, he pulls rather hard. Due to his size, we use a harness with him. And, he's never met a stranger! All new people are his friends which can be a little intimidating to some. Even though Texas is big, he’s also a sensitive guy who is still learning the world around him. A big truck and trailer rattling by can make him stop and get nervous. You just need to reassure him that everything’s fine.

Texas is an only dog in our house, and he’s still settling in. Mostly he can be found snoozing, either on his bed or the cool wood floors. He sleeps in the bedroom at night. While he gets a little restless rolling around (he seems to think his bed, the rug, and the wood floor are all fair game for sleeping on), he does "hold it" until morning.

Exercise is great for Texas. He goes for about a mile walk most mornings, or we make sure to do zoomies in the yard (or both when time permits), so he can settle down for the day. And we do another walk in the evening to help him sleep well.

We are working on getting him better about going into the crate. Treats definitely help. Once in the crate, he’s a good boy. We have left him uncrated when we go to the store or short trips though he’s showing some separation anxiety; this is something that will need a dedicated person to work through with him. With time he will understand that his people come home each time.

The ideal family for Texas has an active home (he's too vocal for an apartment), people who are patient to help this big boy learn the ropes of being a pet and overcome his separation anxiety. Texas' smile, striking beauty and his goofiness are hard not to love.

Texas' Foster Parents

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