Tatum is a 3 year old black male born November 15, 2018. His sire is Kiowa Mon Manny and his dam in Starry Heaven. He should not live with cats.

Tatum is a tall, black 3 year old male with a small white tuxedo, white toes, and a smudge of white on his nose. He has one of the most beautiful conformations we have seen in our fosters – he is breath-takingly elegant especially when he is standing at attention. He looks like the strong, silent type. BUT THEN, he gets to know you and the new place and the quirkiness shows up!

He watches TV and responds to crowd noises and other sounds. He barks when the music ends and the audience applauses. Sometimes he barks at nothing as far as we can tell. He sniffs everything, but doesn’t taste. He is not food motivated and only just has learned to respond to a few treats. He plays in the snow with no coat. He barks at the office door to be let in – and has learned to open the door if not securely closed. He saw a coyote in the backyard from the second floor window in the office area and now stands coyote watch. He loves the backyard and wants out all the time (in, out, in, out) and will spend a lot of time there by himself. At night, we sometimes have to go out and bring him in with a leash. Then he started carrying the leash in his mouth as he came in. He pops bubble wrap. He will let our other foster, little Kaci, walk under his belly and they play together outside; they do not sleep together or even stay that near to each other indoors.

At the kennels he loved playing with the toys in the Hound Lounge, so much so that when we met him, he ignored us. BUT at our house he rarely played with toys in the first days. He was busy listening and absorbing the sounds and smells of this new place. He does like toys, and they are just a part of his day now.

No apartments for this barker and he needs a yard to love. We don’t crate him. On walks, he sometimes pulls or freezes and he is a big boy. No cats, no coyotes, not sure about small dogs or young children.

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