Tasha, is a gorgeous, black, shiny, eight-year-old female born June 2000. Her racing career consisted of over 70 races from 2002 to 2004. Tasha has also helped many dogs by being a blood donor. This is one sweet, loving girl, who just wants to find her forever home. It is not known at this time if Tasha is small animal or cat tolerant.

Tasha is a beautiful dog, with shiny black fur and a white face, chest, toes, and tail tip. She has gained some weight while in her foster home (the secret being to entice her to eat with some canned food on top of the dry!) and so has all the right curves.

Tasha is in her very first home after racing and then retiring from the blood bank, so she's had a lot of adjustments to make. She had to wear a muzzle at first, but she no longer needs the muzzle to be respectful of the other dogs. Tasha took a little longer to learn the stairs, but she mastered the dog door as soon as she saw it.

Tasha has a very happy personality, somewhat reticent at first, but she likes to be close to people for the attention. Sometimes if she is on a dog bed and another dog gets close, she will give a warning growl for them to get away (followed by a bark if they don't listen). Tasha will crate easily for her meals, but is not fond of being crated for long periods. She seems to be reliable in the house without being crated.

Tasha likes to play with stuffies and sometimes initiates play with the other dogs. She's not pushy and seems to ask permission rather than beg forgiveness. At night she sleeps quietly on a dog bed in the bedroom - she tries to claim Murphy's big bed but will settle on any other if he's there first. Tasha does not appear to be good with small fluffy dogs or cats, but she adjusts well to other medium to large dogs. She's ready to find a home of her own!

Tasha's Foster Mom
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