Tahani is an estimated 2 year old white and light brindle female greyhound with a slightly fuzzy coat. She was found as a stray in the Amarillo area by a good samaritan who contacted GALT. Fortunately a transport was taking place to New Mexico via Amarillo, so transportation for Tahani was conveniently handled. Tahani is currently on medication for seizures, which, at this time, occur occasionally. Tahani should not live with cats.

Tahani is a very special near two year old that was found as a stray. She is small dog safe, and is very fearful of dogs that will bark at her. She is very gentle with people (including kids) and other dogs. She loves to play if another dog is interested, though she hasn't found a dog that understands her style of play yet.

She is very polite and understands the rules of the house, and is very treat motivated when it comes to training. She has not shown any food aggression with her 3 housemates.

She enjoys two walks a day and can become very restless if walks or a few good runs in the backyard are not provided. She is an excellent walker and will only pull (nothing excessive) when a bunny or squirrel is in sight. She loves looking up into trees during walks to see if she can spot a squirrel. Tahani is likely not cat tolerant as her prey drive for small animals (not dogs) is very high!

This girl loves to sleep! She will find a comfy spot and snooze for hours. She sleeps through the night with no interruptions and will even let you sleep in, as long as potty time is promptly given as soon as she wakes. She prefers to sleep in the room with her humans, on a comfy dog bed, she does not sleep well in a kennel. She can be kenneled a few hours during the day if needed.

She would do best with another dog (she loves other greyhounds) as she lacks confidence without a buddy. Anytime she takes a walk or a ride without another greyhound she is very shy and timid.

Tahani is a very quiet girl except when voicing excitement before a walk or before mealtime! You can make her world complete if you have other dogs, love to go on walks, have comfortable beds for snoozing and people to love.

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