Sybil Sybil

Sybil, aka Bob's Sybil, is a 2-year-old red brindle female born April 18, 2006. Her sire is the famous Gable Dodge, making her grand sire Wigwam Wag and her dam is Bob's Laguna. Sybil, with only a single race to her record on December 26, 2007 in Corpus Christi, decided very quickly that she would much prefer a life as a greyhound companion. So, here she is ready to start her new life. Come meet her and let her show you all the interesting things she can do with her ears.

Sybil's exposure to a cat: Sybil was interested in many things, but the cat wasn't one of them. Sure, she was curious at first and sniffed a bit, but when the cat started walking down the hall, Sybil followed, gave a passing sniff, and continued on past the cat to check out the rest of the house. Sybil is a very sweet girl that loves know, like a Greyhound. Hopefully she will do as well with small dogs.

Sybil Sybil

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