Surfer, aka Bottom Surf, is a 3 year old brindle male born September 7, 2016. His sire is Golden Surf and his dam is Paul Walker. Surfer has no races on record, preferring to transition straight to finding a forever home. Surfer appears to be small dog tolerant but has not yet been tested with cats. Can he surf on your couch?

There are a number of websites, including, that allow you to trace the pedigree and racing history of registered greyhounds by looking up their racing name or their sire and dam.

Surfer is a high energy dog with a big personality who still has some “puppy” in him. He loves tossing, chasing and pouncing on his toys. He collects up every toy from the box, one at a time, and keeps them on his bed. Early on he had one incident with a shoe and he has not chewed anything inappropriate since. This big, handsome, brindle boy loves being outdoors so he can zoom around the yard. He watches the squirrels but has no interest in chasing them. He enjoys long walks and walks very well on the leash. He’s interested in everything and will stop to observe any activity. Surfer rides very well in the car and gets excited when it’s time to go for a ride. Surfer LOVES to eat. He can finish his meal in record time and then go looking to see if anyone else may have saved him a morsel. His big, beautiful eyes light up and he leaps for joy when it's “cookie time" in the evening. It's his favorite time of day!

Surfer doesn’t care for the crate. He will bark and whine until he’s let out. Otherwise he’s not much of a barker and rarely vocalizes except when prompted to join in a roo. Even the wildest thunder storm does not faze him. No matter how loud and threatening they get he’ll roll onto his back, doing a perfect 'roach', and sleep right through them. Surfer likes it best when everyone is in the same room with him. If someone gets up and leaves the room he gets upset, although he’s getting better about that. Surfer loves people and other dogs. He’s a perfect gentleman around even very small dogs but has not yet been tested with cats. He would not do well as an only dog. This sweet boy is fully housebroken although he’s still learning how to get our attention to let him out. He’s going to be a wonderful pet for the lucky family who adopts him!

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