Sunny Sunny

Sunny, aka Basic Sunrise, is a two-year-old handsome red male born April 26, 2001. Sunny came to GALT from the Waco Humane Society Shelter and he is a skittish boy. He needs a lot of patience and love to help him in the transition from the racing world into the retirement one. Sunny’s lineage is outstanding as his grand-sires on both sides are outstanding racers – Oshkosh Racey and Dutch Bahama. To the best of knowledge, Sunny is cat and small animal trainable.


Sunny is a very handsome guy now that his coat is showing nicely. He is a strong young boy and still very shy of people. It takes him some time to warm up to you, but he enjoys his grooming and loves a chest and belly rub once he is comfortable with you. He is still leary of loud noises, including the vacuum cleaners and garbage disposal. We have worked past the issues with the ceiling fans, but he is still a little worried about them periodically.

He has a sweet loving temperament and leans on you with all his weight when he is getting a good scratch. Sunny would do well in a home that exhibits a lot of patience and understanding to help him gain his confidence and trust in humans. He has shown me his willingness to work with me and is making an effort to be more consistent in our daily routine. When he acquires some more confidence, Sunny will be a wonderful companion. He is great on a leash and really enjoys his walks.

Sunny's Foster Mom
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