Story, aka Greatest Story, is a 2-year-old red fawn female with a dark muzzle born May 18, 2010. Her sire is Bob's Skeet and her dam is JJ Misada. Story has no races to her record and is looking forward to a long life of retirement! She is littermate to Stampede, Comanche and Canyon. This slightly timid girl just wants to find love!

Story wants to play with the cats too much - there are no kitties in her future.

Story's story is one of those that will make you marvel at the fortitude of these magnificent creatures. When she first came to GALT, Story was the most timid and untrusting soul I'd ever met. Her eyes were hollow and she feared any human look or touch. When she came to live with us, she would stay in the crate with the door open and rarely venture out of the room. However, Story would go outside with the house dogs and be in good spirits. It took her four months to become comfortable with the idea of going on a walk! She played chase with the other dogs and really enjoyed being around them.

Patience paid off and in the time she has been in a loving environment she has learned to trust people and now goes to the door when someone comes to visit. Her personality is shining through and she is such a sweet little girl. Story's forever home must have at least one other dog to give her guidance and companionship as well as a yard to run and play chase with her housemate. She is fond of squeaky toys, barks when she wants something and gives wake-up kisses in the morning. Whatever darkness existed before, Story's eyes are now bright and full of light. She is ready for her forever home!

Story's Foster Mom