Stew, fka Deco Cold Fire, is a 3 year old white with black male born on June 22, 2017. His sire is Dragon Fire and his dam is CU Buzzwire. Stew is brother to GALT’s Meyer and like his brother, he ran 68 races before retiring. He is undergoing medical evaluation at present. Stew should not live with cats.

Stew is a big, soft, lovable, handsome boy. He has the softest fur and loves to give kisses and receive scratches. He is a people person and likes to always be in the room with one of his people. He sleeps best on a dog bed on the floor in our bedroom at night and you will want a baby gate for a while to keep him from wandering. He does get up and come to the side of the bed every couple of hours, though once he realizes he’s not alone he lies right back down on his bed. That will get better with time.

Stew is learning house manners and everything is new to him so he should be crated when left unattended for a time yet. He doesn’t like being left alone with the crate door closed and will voice his displeasure so apartment life isn’t for him. He does like the crate with the door open and will take naps in it during the day. He is big a 48” crate is barely big enough. He can often be found roaching in his crate and he fills it up.

He discovered stuffies and is learning to play with them. He likes a yellow Duck best and will play tug of war for it if necessary. He decided he likes treats too and now runs to get one when he hears the jar rattle. He likes to be rewarded for obeying and is quickly learning the faster he obeys the better the chances are of getting two treats.

He is food motivated and since he’s with two other food motivated big guys right now we feed him in his crate. He wolfs his food down then flips his bowl to make sure nothing is hiding underneath. He drinks a lot of water and is a sloppy drinker so if standing next to him you’ll get a shower.

He loves it outside and walks around scoping out the yard every time he goes out, looking for possible treasures. The cicadas have been singing the last few days and he tries to catch one if it flies by. He will stay outside longer than he should in the heat if you let him have his way.

We have stairs but had not worked with him on learning to climb them. I made a quick trip upstairs to drop something off before turning to immediately go back down. The sneaky guy had come up right behind me. It was a bit of a challenge to get him down the stairs because he was a little unsure of himself but he made it. He hasn’t tried to go up the stairs again though he’ll master them with ease if given the opportunity.

Stew is very ready to settle into his forever home and he will steal your heart immediately. While he enjoys the company of another canine pal, with plenty of human attention he should be okay as an only dog. Stew has not been around small dogs but cats are a big no. Stew would love some older children in his world though with his enthusiasm for life, he is too much for small children.

Stew's Foster Parents

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