Stella was a 12-year-old petite brindle female who was picked up by a good samaritan as a stray. Her tattoos were traced, and her litter was registered, but not the "E" pup, which was Stella. GALT received a call from a young man traveling from Oak Cliff to White Settlement for a family celebration who had picked up an older female greyhound on the side of the highway – no collar, tags or microchip for identification. She was brought immediately into the GALT family, where she stayed for much too short a time. No pictures were taken, as we all thought she would be with us for a while, but it was not to be. On Sunday afternoon, Stella's back-end collapsed and it was obvious she was in a great deal of pain and stress. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 6:50pm on May 14, surrounded by those who had known her only briefly, but cared for her as if she were their own.

Stella arrived as a stray to GALT. She was in surprisingly good condition compared to most strays. She had a beautiful coat and no signs of being on the road for long. I thought to myself that someone should really be missing this little girl that seemed to know it all. She had all the worldly knowledge that only a "seasoned" retired greyhound would have. She knew what to do outside and wasted no time taking care of business! She knew exactly what dog beds were for, and in no time she had also perfected the art of telling us exactly what she wanted! For such a small girl, she could certainly make herself heard. And those EARS – they were the biggest things I have ever seen!! They stood like big cones on her head at all times. They gave her character!

If only I had known that she would only be here for a very short time I would have spent more time with her. I would not have gone out to dinner, or maybe forgone a day of shopping. But when I stop to put it all in perspective, I realize that it was a blessing to her and to GALT that we found each other. She was able to pass peacefully to the bridge and not suffer. In her short time here she was loved by many and she touched the lives of a few who will never forget her. Thank you Stella.

Stella's Foster Mom
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