Stella Stella

Stella is a 3-year-old, stunning black female found as a stray and turned into the Fort Worth Animal Control. She was born in March 2005 as the "D" pup, and her registration number has been double tattooed, so Stella's true identity and past will never be known. She, with good reason, is a little leery of everyone and everything at this time.

Shy Stella and the cats: Stella is a shy girl and leery of new things. It is very hard to get a good read on the shy ones. Her ears went up and she seemed to be curious and interested in Molly. Molly hissed and swatted her and she backed off. Stella then came in for some more sniffs with Molly hissing a little bit. Then Stella walked away. I got Pepper out, who does not hiss at anything, and Stella sniffed her and followed her a little bit and then walked away. I would say that Stella should be cat trainable but caution needs to be used for an extended period of time while she adjusts and gets comfortable with her environment. She may become more interested as she gets more comfortable with her surroundings or she may not. We'll see what kind of interest she has in small dogs at a later date.


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