Star, aka Like A Star, is a 5 1/2 year old black female born October 19, 2015. Her sire is Drag-on Fire and her dam is Rain Over Me. She has 194 amazing races to her credit on Greyhound Data. Star should not live with cats.

STAR, aka Like a Star, and she was. She had 195 races and didn’t retire until right before her 5th birthday. If you look her up on the greyhound pedigree site, you will see pictures of her in her racing silks in the winner’s circle. Now she has learned to love being a pet, grinnin, giving little licks, having a yard, and leading the squirrel patrols. She also spends a great deal of time outside on her own ambling about sniffing and looking and sniffing some more.

Star is a toy transport system! She found and emptied out the toy basket the second day she got here. She learned to play with toys and will toss soft ones around. Still moving them is her favorite thing. Her current thing here is to go to the leash & collar basket, put out a leash, drag it all over the house, leave it, and then go get another one.

She started out as a Velcro dog; now that she’s used to the yard, she spends more and more time out there. She goes out on squirrel high alert and leads the pack if she spots something. A coyote came by on the far side of our fence and she barked at it and then had a faceoff with it. If out at night and she sees something she will start barking – and she has a very loud bark. Sometimes she will bark at someone at the front door, just to let us know something is different. Star whines when we both leave. Longest we have left her on her own is 6 hours.

We have a parakeet and she ignores it. Walks on a lead so well she disappears. Haven’t tried her in public places or around kids. She failed kitty boot camp, and during that experience she was with other pups and had no problems with them. Star sleeps in our room beside our bed. She does fine without a crate. Star gets along with the other dogs (another foster and a visitor), though is not a pushover.

Star might work as an only dog, though she would need an interesting yard or frequent walks to go explore. She is a delightful girl and will be a loving companion.

Star's Foster Parents