Spinner is a black female with pretty white paws who comes to GALT from the Amarillo Animal Shelter where she arrived as a stray. She is not tattooed, and is believed to be about 5 years old. Spinner got her name because she loves to spin around!

Spinner is not cat trainable and should also not live with very small dogs.

If you are active and want to have a dog that tags along, Spinner is your girl! She loves to go on long walks, plays in our backyard often, as well as just hanging out in the outdoors. She is smart as a whip and loves the outdoors. She will bow for a treat, and she has her own version of playing fetch with tennis balls. Spinner loves her toys, but she has a tendency to love them VERY much, squeaky toys beware, you have to get the tough kind for her! Once you're up in the morning you better be prepared to love on her for a little while before you get started - this girl loves her attention first thing and you'll love her for it. She can be a Velcro dog following you around the house during the day. Like any greyhound, she loves to nap, but she really loves doing zoomies in the backyard. She is an expert squirrel chaser, she gets them out of the backyard in seconds! Spinner would do well with bigger dogs, she plays a little too rough to have smaller siblings. Spinner needs to have another greyhound or bigger dog as a companion, she needs and loves the companionship of another dog. She would be a great dog to do agility training or lure coursing. Spinner's perfect forever family would be a family with preteen or older children.

UPDATE 7/5/13

Spinner has really blossomed into a wonderful family dog. She has become much gentler with her toys and doesn't break the squeakers anymore, she loves to just sit and make them squeak. She has really melted into our family routine and is flexible no matter how crazy some days might get. She stays in our bedroom while we are away and has never gotten into a thing! She hasn't had an accident in the house, she comes to get you if you aren't in the room to let her out into the backyard. She has been around small dogs enough now that she doesn't seem to mind them. Her manners with younger children have been great, as long as they understand when she "tells them" that she needs still needs her space. Spinner still needs to go to a family that has another dog for her as a companion, she is definitely not an only dog kind of dog. Spinner can sleep through almost anything too, fireworks and thunderstorms! However, firetrucks do bring out the rooing side of her, if you've never heard a greyhound roo...Spinner is adorable when she does it!

Spinner's Foster Mom