Spike is an approximately 4-year-old black male found as a stray in Amarillo. He has a dislocated hip and is scheduled for surgery with Dr. Lange at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center.

Spike has passed an initial cat test but has not yet lived in a home with cats.

UPDATE 3/4/16

Spike had surgery for his dislocated hip performed by Dr. Doug Lange. The hip was able to go back into the socket without FHO surgery. Hobbles were placed on Spike’s back legs to prevent him from splaying out. Physical therapy will begin soon for Spike. He is being kept quiet in his foster home for the next 6-8 weeks while this injury heals.

UPDATE 4/22/16

Spike was seen by Dr. Lange for x-rays. His hobbles were removed, and his activity level is being increased slowly over the next several weeks.

UPDATE 5/12/16

Spike has been released by Dr. Doug Lange based on radiographs taken to determine his healing process. Care should be taken to insure Spike has secure footing on slick surfaces, but he can resume normal activities at this time.

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