Spangle Spangle

Spangle was born on the Fourth of July in 2003, so she will be turning 4 years old soon. Her dam is Helen Knows Best, and her sire is Magnitude. Spangle has 82 races under her belt, and although she finished her career at Harlingen, most of her races were in Massachusetts and Alabama.

She is cat trainable, and as noted by her cat tester: Spangle is a beautiful, shy girl. She definitely took an alert look at the cats, but was very respectful from the beginning. Finally, she cautiously moved in for a sniff, then backed off when she caught the cat looking at her. One good sniff was enough for her. After that she got to explore the house and snooze on a dog bed like the other dogs of the house. Now this All-American girl is ready for a nice, comfy bed in a forever home.


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