Spader, aka Zipn Spader, is a 4-year-old red fawn male born August 10, 2012. His sire is Kiowa Mon Manny and his dam is FWD Joan Striker. Spader has a whopping 149 races on record in Florida from 2014 to 2016.

Spader is not considered cat tolerant at this time.

In many ways, Spader is a little dog in a big dog body. He's initially timid and unsure about new environments, but quickly warms up and then wants to be the center of attention. Once he's accustomed to his environment, he wears a big goofy grin and wags his tail and runs up to you when you call him by name. Even in just a short time, I've had many strangers approach me just to say how handsome he is. Spader has raced more than any GALT dog I've come across, and maybe this is why it's taken a little extra time to adjust to his foster home. He is *all* about routine. The quicker you teach him your routine, the sooner you can see his affectionate and outgoing side. I've also noticed that he's more at ease around women. He doesn't pay smaller dogs much attention, but confuses cats with bunny rabbits. Given how people-focused he is, I think he could do well as an only dog or as another addition to your pack. His behavior is pretty good considering I haven't trained him. His few potty accidents were before he learned my schedule or when I stayed at work just a little too long, but never anything destructive. Spader likes wagging his tail, nose rubs, walking in the park, a daily routine, and enough space to sprawl out on the floor. He dislikes: loud noises, irregular schedules, barking, and big crowds. This Olympian has earned his place as a special companion dog - won't you give him some room to run?

Spader's Foster Family

Spader was part of the Greyt 32 Arrival!

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