Sonny, aka AZ Sonny Wag, is an extremely handsome dark brindle seven-year-old male, born December, 1997. Sonny's lineage is one of the best, coming from AZ Kim's Glass and Wigwam Wag. He was a greyt racer and described as "never letting up"! Sonny raced at Gulf Greyhound Park as a Class A racer. Sonny retired from racing in early 2002.

Sonny is reserved inside the home, but loves to play outside! Sonny loves squeaky toys and has mastered throwing them in the air and catching them - they rarely get away. Give him any toy and watch the show! He is more affectionate outside and loves to bask in the sun.

Sonny has had a more challenging hand than most greyhounds. He needs a patient owner who will help him adjust to being in a home. He requires some reassurance because he is shy around people and is somewhat bewildered in a new home. He has an aversion to ceiling fans, but his adjustment has been impressive! His foster dad leaves it on now with no problem.

Sonny will find a corner and call it his sanctuary but can be encouraged to venture out to join the family. When not supervised, Sonny will enjoy relaxing in his crate.

Sonny lived in a home with cats and is cat tolerant. Sonny loves to take walks and rides in the car. Those activities are exciting for him and are in his vocabulary!

Sonny was adopted in October 2002, but was returned to GALT because he exerted his dominance over an ill greyhound in the home. Sonny has not shown aggression to people and may do best in a home as an only dog. He takes regular medication for his thyroid and the cost is estimated at $10 per month.

Sonny is a very special boy who needs lots of love and patience. He would love for someone to give him a chance and help him along the way. Because of his special needs, Sonny needs more patience and understanding but seeing the love in his eyes will make it worth the effort.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to check on me. My name is Sonny and everyone tells me I'm beautiful and that my fur is really SOFT! I promise, I don't shed much and I'm a very good boy. They say my expressive eyes are my best feature - I can melt hearts with just one look!

I was scared of my new surroundings when I first came into my foster home. But my foster dad was very patient with me and he helped me to feel safe. After a while, I began to venture out of my shell and just be me. I love to play in the yard and just sit in the sun! I really get excited about mealtime, going on walks, and riding in the car. I used to be scared to travel to new places, but I'm a seasoned traveler now.

Don't let my age fool you; I'm still a puppy at heart! But, I'm old enough to know what you expect. My favorite thing is when someone just sits with me and scratches my ears or my tummy when I cockroach. I just love that! If you have a big heart and a quiet home, I know I'm the greyhound for you!

Sonny, via his Foster Dad

UPDATE 11/30/05

Sonny has been exhibiting lameness off and on for the past several months. It is with deep sadness that we report Sonny has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his left shoulder. He will be cherished and loved in his forever foster home and kept as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

UPDATE 2/6/06

As you all hug your greyhounds, please do so in honor and memory of Sonny, AZ Sonny Wag, #74 GALT greyhound. Sonny was in two adopted homes, but they were not to be his forever home. His first was wonderful, but it just did not work out; and due to very unfortunate circumstances, neither did his second.

Sonny was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in August 2005; he has been on a heroic journey that ended February 6, 2006 with his devoted foster dad, John Hudson, by his side, as well as others who loved him dearly. Sonny's last 13 months have been the BEST of his life, except maybe for his racing can tell he LOVED to race! This past year he experienced total unconditional love, acceptance, and an admiration and respect he has never known before, all living in his forever home with John.

Know that Sonny is running at top speed and pain free at the Rainbow Bridge as you read this.

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