Snapshot Snapshot

Snapshot, aka CTW Snap Shot, is a handsome, white-and-brindle, 3-year-old male greyhound born January 2, 2005. His sire is Kiowa Sweet Trey and his dam is CTW Suenos, making his grand sire Molotov. Snapshot was accepted into the program at Hemopet, but because he had a seizure, he was not a candidate to continue with them. GALT has taken Snapshot into its family, and he is on medication to control this medical condition, which he most likely will need for the rest of his life. Snapshot's racing career consisted of 49 races starting with Wheeling Downs, WV on August 21, 2006, and finishing at Corpus Christi on June 21, 2007.

Snapshot and Molly the Tester Cat: Snapshot took a look at Molly and sniffed, and she swatted and hissed at him. He backed up and looked at her like, "What is your problem?" I was not sure Snapshot actually realized there was a small furry thing in front of him so I picked Molly up and put her in his face and he just looked at her and turned away. I then had Molly walk down the hall to see if he would have any interest; he followed her but then just moseyed on by. I would say that Snapshot is cat tolerant. He will be introduced to small dogs at a later time.


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