Smiley is an almost 2 year old white ticking with dark brindle female born January 25, 2020. Her sire is DK’s Flow Meter and her dam is Naja. She opted for retirement rather than racing. Smiley will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

True to her name, Smiley really does smile when she's excited! She is extremely sweet and loving. She will put her head in your lap to be petted and rubbed and happily will give you little kisses, and nibble your fingers. If you’re petting one of the other dogs she will be pushing in for her turn too! She gets along great with both my male and female greyhounds and likes to share a dog bed with either one. She’s a gentle toy hog, and does not destroy them. She does like to bring ALL the toys out at one time so she can play with them ALL, and has no problem sharing. She will occasionally try to steal a shoe and we seem to have that under control now. She is happy, friendly and enjoys being with another dog and her people.

She is a little tentative in new situations and adjusts in a day or so. She would do best with another dog for guidance. She has a good appetite and has learned the joy of treats. Being optimistic, she will look at the other dog bowls to see if they left any kibble and doesn't interrupt their meal. She is more than willing to clean up leftovers if needed. She is a bit of a counter-surfer and corrects with a gentle “No”.

She crates at night on her own and usually sleeps through the night, there have been a few nights she will whine to go outside to do her business, then goes back to bed easily. I’ve kept the crate door closed at night so she doesn’t attempt to slip in and try to sleep with one of the others. She does go to the door if she needs to go out, though she does not alert us with a bark or whine. First thing in the morning is a sprint to the back door, to avoid an accident.

Smiley knows her name, "come", "time for bed'' and is learning the word "wait" at the door when it’s time for a walk. She enjoys walking and is pretty good on leash.

She’s a really sweet girl who will make you smile and warm your heart!

Smiley's Foster Family