Sloan is a red fawn female estimated to be between 4 and 5 years old. She was surrendered from the same home as the Christmas puppies and the puppies surrendered this past summer. Sloan has a large growth on her neck - she is being medically evaluated for an infected salivary gland.

Sloan has passed an initial cat test and is living in a foster home with cats and a small dog.

UPDATE 2/11/15

Because the fluid excised from the swollen area was not typical of an infected salivary gland, Dr. Bob Radasch of Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center decided to do exploratory surgery. He found a very large fluid filled cyst-like structure. There was cord-like tissue found in the cyst, and this was submitted for a histopath. Results should be back within 7 days. Sloan's sutures will be removed in 10 to 14 days.

UPDATE 2/26/15

Sloan's biopsy results came back benign! Her stitches are out and she's ready to go.

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