Sloan (now called Maverick)

Sloan is one of GALT's most dramatic success stories. Sloan has progressed from a scared, malnourished, frail, parasite-ridden greyhound to a happy, robust, healthy, handsome and very spoiled greyhound.

Sloan's journey has taken over 8 months. He has been in the foster home provided by Kristin and Lewis Fields since the day GALT picked him up in Alvarado, Texas. Kristin and Lewis have nurtured and nursed Sloan back to health with lots of love and patience.

It is with Greyt pride and pleasure that GALT announces that Sloan has been officially adopted by Kristin and Lewis Fields. Sloan was 3 years old in November 2002. The Fields chose November 17 to be his birthday and celebrated it by adopting him! Sloan is now part of their family as a tribute to their beloved Grayson, who went to the Rainbow Bridge just days before Sloan's arrival at their home. His name has now been officially changed to Maverick.....a new name to go with his new start.

It's a toss up as to who is luckier - Kristin and Lewis or Maverick.

Maverick on Good Morning Texas!

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